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(Jura Association for the Protection of Animals)

Our association, which was founded in April 2008, has since been the only partner recognized by the canton of Jura in the field of animal protection. It oversees various active structures, including refuges approved by the cantonal veterinary services and collaborates with them, as well as with official refuges in other cantons. A branch of AJPA is in Moutier


Its statutes (art. 18) specify:

The Committee is the executive body of AJPA. It consists of a minimum of five members and a maximum of fourteen, including the President. The Committee is elected by the General Assembly (annual) for three years. It constitutes itself with the exception of the President (elected by the Assembly); it includes in addition and at least a Vice-president, a Cashier and a Secretary.

The AJPA is only made up of volunteers and therefore counts on your support to fight against enemies whose names are IGNORANCE, MECHANCETE, CRUAUTE ... All its team is at your disposal! So, for example, through our regular contact with shelters in the region, we are able to provide you with all kinds of useful information.


For all members of AJPA who would like to consult the minutes of general meetings can contact us by email:

« You can judge the greatness of a nation by the way animals are treated there »

Inspired by this humanist thought and with the concern to work concretely in the service of the animal cause, the Jurassic Association for the Protection of Animals (AJPA) erected here its cantonal refuge in the Jura.
This reception and care infrastructure was created thanks to the generosity and empathy of many donors who wanted to allow the canton of Jura to fill a gap in the defense of animals.

Thanks to their great heart, AJPA, whose recognition is equaled only by its pride, can with this refuge, offer peace, protection and respite to animals victims of abandonment, neglect, mistreatment or threatened in their integrity.

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